When it comes to legal representation, it`s important to find an attorney who knows the ins and outs of your local jurisdiction. That`s where a local counsel retainer agreement comes in.

A local counsel retainer agreement is a contract between an out-of-state or out-of-jurisdiction attorney and a local attorney who will act as a liaison between the client and the court. This agreement ensures that the client receives accurate legal advice and representation that is specific to their local jurisdiction.

Retaining a local counsel can be especially valuable in complex cases that involve multiple jurisdictions, where local rules and procedures can vary greatly from state to state. Local counsel can also provide invaluable insights into local customs, legal procedures, and expectations of the court.

When drafting a local counsel retainer agreement, it`s important to consider a number of key provisions, including:

– Scope of representation: This provision should clearly define the services that the local counsel will provide, including any limitations on their representation.

– Compensation: The agreement should outline the fees and expenses that the local counsel will charge, as well as the payment terms.

– Coordination with primary counsel: The agreement should provide for open communication and coordination between the local counsel and the primary counsel to ensure that the client`s interests are fully represented.

– Conflicts of interest: The agreement should address any potential conflicts of interest that may arise from the local counsel`s representation of the client.

– Termination: The agreement should spell out the circumstances under which the representation may be terminated by either party, as well as the obligations of the parties following termination.

Overall, a local counsel retainer agreement is a valuable tool for ensuring that clients receive the highest quality legal representation in their local jurisdiction. By carefully crafting an agreement that addresses all of the key provisions, clients can gain peace of mind knowing that their legal affairs are in good hands.

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